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Dear Readers,

thought you might like to know that ‘ve started a new blog at RE:Located Living and I will be using that site to write about  interior design, DIY projects, etc.  I know many of you signed up because you love my DIY Valentine You Rule project.  I’ve reposted it on my new site with a printable.  So, I hope you will follow me there as Thompson and Spring will be rededicated to my photography.

Thanks.  Look forward to seeing you there with many more projects to come!

-isadora (from THOMPSON and SPRING, and now also from RE:Located Living)

Venice Beach Photographer: Daddy’s Girls

If you’re anything like my husband and me, the minute you have kids the photographs you take are all about the kids and very rarely about the two of you.  So, when I take pictures of a family I often like to try to capture a quiet loving moment Mommy and Daddy.  In this case, Mommy is Daddy’s number one girl, then comes big sister and then little sister.

It was so fun for me to hang out with this fun loving family.  Not only because I get to see how big the kids have become, as I’ve had the honor of photographing them several times before.  But also, because their family is all about girls which is quite a change for me, since my life is all about boys.  I had fun watching the girls play, comb each other’s hair, draw… to be fair the did do a little running and jumping, but compared to my boys that was nothing.  The difference in energy required parenting girls versus parenting boys is astounding.  Sometimes, I’m just tired looking at my boys, but then again, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

By the way, did I mention, they are both talented architects.  One of my all time favorite newborn shoots was when I got to photograph the arrival of their second daughter on the construction site of their future dream home in Venice Beach.  That was super cool!

Manhattan Beach Photographer: Waiting for Obi Wan

When you hear or read the words Obi Wan, I’m sure you immediately think about Star Wars.  I sure did.  But in fact it’s the super cute nickname that this lovely couple have given their baby bump.  Turns out Wan is their last name and Obi was cute, and more original than peanut.  So when you think Obi Wan, can’t you just hear Princess Lea saying, “Obi Wan, you’re our only hope.”?  In this case, there is no evil Darth Vader that needs to be fought, but the arrival of Obi Wan is still very much anticipate, not only by the expectant parents but also by dozens of family and friends.

We opted for the Manhattan Beach location because it’s reflective of their casual Southern California lifestyle.  Now that I live in the Bay Area, I felt spoiled by the warm SoCal sun, so it was nice to be at the beach to capture these precious moments.

After playing in the sand and sea, we headed up Manhattan Beach Boulevard for some more urban shots.  The streets were packed that day as the Manhattan Beach 10k run had just ended there, but we managed to dodge the crowds and find some cool spots, like this glittery mosaic tile backdrop.

Just as we were about to wrap up and say our goodbyes, we stumbled upon a restaurant with a cool bottle window display.  The husband is a part-time winemaker and has his own label, the Wan Fiore Project.  So while, we didn’t manage a shoot at a vineyard, I thought the bottles referenced his passion in a nice modern way.  Just goes to show, you should always keep your eyes open, as you never know what you might come across.

PARENTING: Playing Ball

We moved a little less than a month ago and it already feels like a lifetime ago.  We’ve done so much, discovered so many wonderful new places and started to make friends in the Bay Area.  However, come to our house and you will see the tell-tale signs of a recent move, i.e. our house is still under siege by big boxes.  That said, the spaces for the boys are fully set up.  Each boy’s bedroom is organized, artwork and photographs are up, etc. as is their play area.  The rest of the house is on its way, but we still have a long way to go.  Trying to unpack with a 1 year old is very tricky, so I’ve tried to reserve the bulk of my unpacking for when he’s napping or down for the night.

The true blessing has been my older son’s soccer camp which he started attending 3 days after our move.  As I had hoped, it immediately gave him a place to have fun and start making friends.  I had read good things about the Footfire Soccer Camp, but the camp has actually gone beyond my expectations, not because of the soccer skills he is developing, but because of the community around it.  I had been worried that my older son, my sensitive son, would have difficulties adjusting after the move, but because the camp counselors are so warm, he immediately felt at ease.

Additionally, I have been very impressed with what good role models the older boys have been.  They are respectful and thoughtful, and though they are playing sports the environment isn’t hyper competitive and aggressive, something that could easily happen when you throw a bunch of boys together. I am so glad that I went with my first instinct and enrolled him in something physical and outdoors, because while sports have never been my thing, team sports can be really great in building a sense of belonging.

Now, back to unpacking…

DIY: Moving on Out

So it’s official.  We’re moving.  I’ve hinted at the fact that I’ve had a lot on my mind and plate and now I can finally tell you it’s because we are moving.  I would have mentioned it sooner, but figuring out our housing situation has been an exhausting and stressful experience, that has taken far longer than any of us would have liked.

So, after 13 years in sunny Lala Land, we are moving up North to the city by the Bay.  Before Los Angeles, I moved more times than I can count on two hands, so I have plenty of experience.  However, this will be our first time moving with kids.  I’m not too concerned about our baby, who will be pretty much OK as long as he has me, some food and gets to sleep.  I’m more concerned for my big boy (not really that big, just 4.5).  I know I have to involve him, get his room set up quickly, etc.  In addition I’ve signed him up for camp, to start literally 2 days after we get there.  I’m hoping that will allow him to make friends quickly and also get him having fun from the start. Any more great tips for a smooth move with kids?

Now, the count down and packing begins.  While packing is no fun, we are looking at it as an opportunity to purge, which in itself can be quite liberating. If you know of any good packing checklist, please do let me know.  I do like a good list!

I’m contemplating starting a separate blog, about our adventures in setting up house, etc.  What do you think?  Separate blog, or just keep it all in one place?  I’m a little reluctant to fill my photography blog with all that stuff.  So far I’ve included party and kid related stuff because I know my readers and clients are mostly moms, so the content might be interesting to them, but not so sure about documenting my search for the perfect shower curtain would fit here.:)

And for all my LA clients and would be clients, not to worry.  I will be making frequent trips back to LA to capture special moments with your lovely families.

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