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I’m always on the look out for great classic kids clothes that would also look great in photographs. I was very happy with myself when I discovered a French brand of clothing called Cyrillus that carries the most chic clothes for kids. It’s such a bummer though because they aren’t available in the U.S.,...

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Like many out there, I love paper goods. In fact, as a young child, when asked what I wanted for my birthday I would invariably ask for “papeterie” the French word for paper goods and would fantasize about having a whole room in my house dedicated to my beloved papeterie.
I was looking around Etsy...

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I had a wonderful morning with the most delightful family in Palos Verdes; a family I had met at the birthday girl’s party. While the weather for the shoot was more overcast than I would have hoped, the kids’ bright and sunny personalities made the photos shine. The kids were so adorable, I...

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photo Ben Anders for the New York Times
A couple of friends and I met for lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s at the London Hotel West Hollywood. The decor was ultra chic and surprisingly feminine. I say surprisingly because if you know anything about Ramsay, it’s that he has a foul mouth and is a bit...

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Can you believe it’s February and we can go to the beach? That’s one of the great things about living in Southern California and every time I pause to think about that, it makes me smile. Here are just a couple of pictures that make me happy we don’t have to deal with...

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