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PARENTING: On my Bookshelf

Now that I’m the mother of two boys, I’m taking the time t re-read Raising Boys, by Steve Biddulph. I remember reading it after the birth of my first son and feeling better equipped at raising a boy, and while I am more experienced this time around a refresher course never hurt.  Not only will...

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ENTERTAINING: Thanksgiving Inspiration + FREE Printables

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving.  It’s one of those holidays that seems to have withstood becoming overly commercial (excluding Black Friday).  This year, unlike in years past, we are actually going out of town, which is not something to be underestimated with two little ones under the age of five.  But at the time we booked...

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Los Angeles Family Photographer: Crossing Paths

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that my husband and I have been  in Los Angeles for twelve years (we moved here from London).  To most people that’s probably not a big deal, but I have never lived in one city for that long before.  So, it shouldn’t be surprising to me that now...

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Los Angeles Family Photographer: In the City

Most people would agree that the city of Los Angeles is not much of a city.  There is no apparent center, no real pedestrian life, and to top it all off, within Los Angeles, there are a bunch of incorporated cities, the most famous of which is Beverly Hills, closely followed by Santa Monica, lesser...

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Los Angeles Family Photographer: Down at the Ranch

Do you know Will Rogers?  That American actor from a bygone era?  How is it that back in his day he was able to buy so much land that it is now designated as a State Park?  Having grown up in cities, I really can’t quite get my head around owning acres and acres of...

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