PARENTING: Playing Ball

We moved a little less than a month ago and it already feels like a lifetime ago.  We’ve done so much, discovered so many wonderful new places and started to make friends in the Bay Area.  However, come to our house and you will see the tell-tale signs of a recent move, i.e. our house is still under siege by big boxes.  That said, the spaces for the boys are fully set up.  Each boy’s bedroom is organized, artwork and photographs are up, etc. as is their play area.  The rest of the house is on its way, but we still have a long way to go.  Trying to unpack with a 1 year old is very tricky, so I’ve tried to reserve the bulk of my unpacking for when he’s napping or down for the night.

The true blessing has been my older son’s soccer camp which he started attending 3 days after our move.  As I had hoped, it immediately gave him a place to have fun and start making friends.  I had read good things about the Footfire Soccer Camp, but the camp has actually gone beyond my expectations, not because of the soccer skills he is developing, but because of the community around it.  I had been worried that my older son, my sensitive son, would have difficulties adjusting after the move, but because the camp counselors are so warm, he immediately felt at ease.

Additionally, I have been very impressed with what good role models the older boys have been.  They are respectful and thoughtful, and though they are playing sports the environment isn’t hyper competitive and aggressive, something that could easily happen when you throw a bunch of boys together. I am so glad that I went with my first instinct and enrolled him in something physical and outdoors, because while sports have never been my thing, team sports can be really great in building a sense of belonging.

Now, back to unpacking…

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